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Quality Assurance

We assure to supply the Best Quality material strictly as per the need of the customer for the specified grade.We are very much quality concious people and always take care of the quality and delivery schedule.We have in house lab equipped with all the modern testing equipments and qualified chemist and technicians.
We have adopted 3 level quality assurance and inspection process at our factory to deliver the best quality.
First Level - Physical Inspection of Raw Material
We have trained, educated and qualified supervisors to inspect the raw material before unloading at our factory site. Each and every lorry of Raw Material has to go through this inspection. Our supervisors always check the whole load and after receiving the physical quality inspection certificate from these supervisors, the material is unloaded and the sample is sent for laboratory test.
Second Level – Material Filling
After receiving the quality report from our chemist, the raw material is used for making lime. In a certain ratio of Lime Stone and Pet Coke our trained labour fill the kilns in guidance of our supervisors and trained staff.
Third Level - Final inspection and sorting
After getting the finished product from the above quality process, our quality assurance teams always go to production area and do the final inspection and sorting of material. This team always checks and sorts the material to get the quality and send to the laboratory for checking and after receiving the quality assurance certificate from our lab, the material get a green signal for packing and then dispatch to the customers.
Hence from the above three level of checking and inspection, we are very much satisfied about our quality product and always deliver our customers best quality material strictly as per their specifications.